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Conférence "Phytoculture. A philosophical fiction about the techno-aesthetics of the vegetal world

These last years, we are living a kind of "plant revolution" or "vegetal turn" in thought. So many studies in science are showing that all we were sure to know about the vegetal world was almost totally false. It is certainly impossible now to continue to assert that the vegetal is only a inferior group of living beings without a specific sensitivity, memory, communication and intelligence capacities. After the necessary rehabilitation of the animal, and the new perspectives to understand how the animal reality is a real "world", that is to say a singular signification of the relationship between organisms and milieu where behaviors are not only useful for feed or reproduction, and so the recognition of an specific "culture" ; we want to promote a second rehabilitation, the rehabilitation of the vegetal. This lecture will try to defend the point that the vegetal beings are living in a specific world, the vegetal world, and in this world we can make the hypothesis that there is a specific culture, the "phytoculture(s)". This "culture" is not a metaphorical way of thinking but an analogical experiment of thinking even if it is difficult to come near of it, because of the underground activity of roots, the extreme slowness of growth and communication, and the hard limits of the individual. My philosophical fiction offer to build this experiment with the concept of "technoaesthetics" after Simondon, a non-anthropocentric theory of the connection between the sensible and the operative opening the possibility of an art of all living beings.

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